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Kelly Girl Part 1

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Notice: This story contains profanity, adult content, strong sexual situations and mature reading material. If you are 18 years old or older or if you are offended by these things then quit reading at this point.

To start out I must tell you that this is an encounter in a long list of encounters in the life of a sexual deviate. I very seldom turn down a sexual encounter no matter how bazaar. Another thing is you must understand that I am an average working stiff in my early 5o’s who is average in every way. No great looks, no magnificent body and definitely nothing major in the tool box. I’m married to wonderful and beautiful woman twenty years younger than me and we have daughter seventeen years old. My wife and I have an open relationship and have been in the swinging lifestyle for almost ten years. One of the things that I have found amazing in the past few years is the number of really young women who find me sexually attractive. In our little swing group we have at least four girls under thirty and they literally fight for my attention, and in the normal life I am constantly being hit on by younger women. Even some of my daughter’s friends have told my wife they would give it up to me if I approached them, but we have a strict rule of nobody under eighteen. Since I retired a couple of years ago I have been doing a lot of part time work to supplement my income and to keep busy. I’ve been a volunteer fireman/emt for several years but never made any money doing it till last winter when a lady called and asked if I would be interested in being a standby emt for a youth hockey rink that required a trained emt to standby during the game since these teams had no trainer. The job paid $100.00 for the evening. She told the only bad thing was that the games lasted two hours each but that this week there would be a two hour break in between games. I agreed to be there and I showed up and was shown where to put my gear and where I was to remain while kids are on the ice. They actually put me in the score keeper’s box and since it was small I had to stand in the back because there were only seats enough for the scorekeepers. About fifteen minutes into the game the door opened and a very pretty young girl walked in and asked the boy if he had something for her, he handed her a couple of t-shirts and she said she was going to try them on. When she left he commented to the other two ladies that her name was Kelly and that she was his girlfriend. When she came back in the booth I began to look closer at her. She was about 5’ 5” tall and around 160 lbs nice legs, nice plump ass, brown hair streaked with blond and shoulder length pulled back in a ponytail, pretty blue eyes and a set of 38DD’s that really filled out the t-shirt that was about a size too small. After coming back in the booth and complaining to her boy friend that the shirts were a size too small but that she was going to keep them she stepped back against the back wall where I was leaning and looking at smiled and said, “ My band shirts from last year. I didn’t get to pick them up after graduation and they finally found their way to me. I guess I’ve grown a little.”

“I don’t know. They look good to me.” I said while staring straight at her chest.

Her eyes followed mine and when she realized I was looking at her tits, her nipples immediately got rock hard and smiling she said, “Yeah from that point of view I guess it does, huh?” Then either feeling or seeing how hard her nipples had gotten, she looked up sheepishly and said, “They don’t do much to keep out the cold either.” We both chuckled at that last comment as she reached over and pulled her hoodie on, but never moved from where she was standing next to me. In fact we kept up a steady dialog of small comments and jokes about the game and some of the players. I found that unlike a lot of girls her age who were too shy to carry on a conversation with older people she seem to be very relaxed about it. I also noticed that she would sometimes touch my arm or actually lean against me when talking to me. Even though I knew her boyfriend was here with her, and that even if he wasn’t I didn’t stand a chance with here simply because of our age difference. But, still yet she was hot and I was getting turned on. I found it increasingly hard to try to follow the game as we became more engrossed in talking.

Finally the period ended and as everyone exited the booth, her boy friend said something to her, turned and sauntered off in an opposite direction. I had gathered my two bags of medical gear and started walking to the exit, figuring to put my stuff in my truck and then go get a bite to eat. Walking out the door I realized Kelly was still walking beside me but wasn’t saying much. When we got to my truck her eyes got big and she exclaimed, “Oh my god, is that yours?”

“Yeah, I responded, not many of them around like these. I take it you like them?”

“Fuck yeah, she said, I dated a boy one time that had one of theses and I loved it. Dumb shit wrecked it though so I dumped him.”

I stood there rather surprised as she walked around the truck going on and on about how nice it was. I was about to offer to let her drive it, when she popped up beside me and with big eyes said, “Will you take for a ride?”

“Hell yes.” I said as I threw my stuff in the back and walked around to open the door for her. She jumped in and I went around, got in and headed out of the lot, figuring I was going to spend the next two hours joyriding a girl that could be my grand daughter around. Three blocks down was a McDonalds’ so I pulled through and got us coke and when I pulled to the street I asked, “Which way?”

She immediately said, “Right.”

I turned right, pulled into traffic and she continued to give me directions for about four miles when she said, “Turn right on this dirt road.”

I did as I was told and a about a half a mile later we pulled into a large open area that looked like an abandoned rock quarry. I drove around the parameter till I was headed back out when I stopped and looked at her she smiling at me when I said, “Now what?”

She slid on to my consol, deftly shoved the truck in park, before putting her arms around me saying, “If I have to explain why we are here, then we are both bad judges of character.”

She then put her hands behind my head and pulled till our mouths met and she began to kiss me hungrily, while reaching down to hit the automatic door locks and reaching behind her to turn off the head lights. She then pressed herself tightly to me as our tongues had a word fight with each other. When we finally broke our kiss she leaned back smiling while I tried to control my breathing which wasn’t easy with this young fox squeezed between me and my steering wheel. Finally I looked at her and said, “Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but did you have a difficult time in math?”

“Why?” she asked with her eyes twinkling.

“Well have you done the math on the spread of our age’s. I am kinda of old you know.”

With out missing a beat she says, “I didn’t you could be too old to fuck, I knew you could be too young, but not too old. I know you’re capable, unless that is a pocket knife poking me in the ass.”

At this point she as reached down and pulled her tee shirt over head, leaving her just in a red bra. Looking at me she says, “I thought I’d better get out of that shirt, it was too tight for you to wiggle me out of, but I’m sure you can unhook the other part and get it off by yourself.”

My hands were actually shaking as I reached behind her to unhook her bra, as she continued, “The age thing doesn’t mean a thing to me. I like older guys, way older guys, you are not by far the oldest guy I have ever fucked. You do want to fuck me don’t you?”

I really couldn’t answer because I had my head buried in between two of the prettiest breasts I have seen in a while and I was kissing, licking and sucking like a starving baby.

“I’ll take that sucking noise as a yes to my last question.” She said laughing. “You keep on enjoying the girls and while I get you out of your shirt, I’ll answer the next question you and every other guy has, which is why do I like older men?

By this time she had managed to have my shirt off, my pants and belt undone when she said, “ I’m going to raised up and you need to slide into the other seat so we will have more room, because over here when I cum I tend to bang my ass up and down. Blowing the horn may get us a lot of attention we don’t need.” “Oh by the way slide your pants to your ankles on the way over.”

I did as I was told and when I got seated she turned sat in my seat for an instant before spinning around to sit on my lap facing me with her legs on either side of my bucket seat.

She leaned her chest into my face, and as I began to suckle anew she said, “What do I see in older men? Um, well they are a lot nicer, more polite, take their time making sure I cum, non-possessive, and the big thing, most of them are fixed, so I don’t have to worry about them fertilizing my baby factory, since I can’t take birth control and I hate the feel of rubbers.”

At this point I was sucking on one nipple while rubbing my dick up and down her totally saturated slit. She had moved up to where she was squatted over my dick and she had started to breathe in short gasps, squirming on my dick as she moaned and asked, “You aren’t going to leave a baby in there are you?”

“No, I answered her, I’ve been clipped for several years now.”

“Good.” She murmured in my ear.

Her pussy was totally drenched and girl cum was actually dripping on my leg like a leaky faucet. Kelly was breathing harder and really starting to squirm as I continued to rub the head of my dick up and down her slit. I could feel her clit, which was hard as a rock and big as a peanut. I could even feel her asshole flexing open and closed as my dick would slide over it. Kelly was beside herself, barely able to speak, breathing like a race horse after a two mile run, and shaking almost beyond control. It had been along time since I had seen a girl get this hot this fast, with basically no oral or other stimulation except for me mauling her tits and sliding my dick in her slit. Finally she reached down as her eyes rolled back in her head, grabbed Mr. Happy out of my hand, placed her pussy on him and started letting herself down. Her head went back, her mouth opened and drool fell on my chest, as she let out a long, loud growl from deep in her chest.

“Don’t you want me to eat you first?” I asked innocently.

“No!!! I want you to fuck me!!” She finally managed to spit out, in fact don’t do anything, just sit there let me fuck you! You may get hurt if you don’t.”

She was right, of course, as soon as she got me inside her, she slammed her ass down on my dick till our pubic hairs were mashed together, and started to rock her ass back and forth, up and down simulating the riding of a bull. Actually she looked like a bull rider as she had one hand on my chest and the other over her head pushing into the roof of the truck while her shoulder length ponytail was going round and round, all the while spilling forth a string of words that would make a truck driver cringe.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Holy mother of God, fucking motherfucker, oh fucking shit this is good and here I oh fucking Christ go, I’m cummmmmmm, Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” She screamed.

Her body started to shake really hard as she slammed down on me, literally pushing me deeper in the seat and gushing at least a whole cup of girl cum on my legs. At this instant I realized I was cumming too and so fast there was no time to warn her and it just erupted inside her like being shot out of a cannon saturating her already soaked pussy even more. When she finally slowed down, she lay against my chest with her head on my shoulder, while Mr. Happy shrunk down to his normal size and plopped out of her allowing a copious amount of girl and boy cum to continue to run out of her pussy and down my legs on to the seat. We stayed in this position for a few minutes settling down and catching our breath, as she softly kissed my neck.

“Thank you, she whispered quietly, that was fucking fantastic. I could stay here all night.”

“I could too, I told her quietly but I should thank you. I always consider it an honor when a woman shares her body with me.”

She raised her head and looked into my eyes for several seconds as if to determine if I meant the previous statement then looked over her shoulder at the clock in the radio and said, “We have twenty minutes to get you back for the next game. We better move.”

She then planted a very long wet kiss on me, rolled into the driver’s seat and began putting her clothes back on. I pulled my pants up grabbed my shirt and jumped out in the cold night air to adjust everything and when I walked around the truck she was already in the passenger seat brushing her hair. We were quiet for a few minutes and I begin to think she was having second thoughts so I said, “I guess I’m lucky I brought this truck instead of my other one or you wouldn’t have noticed me.”

“What do you mean?” She asked as she put her ponytail back in place.

“Well, if you hadn’t got all excited about me having this kind of truck you wouldn’t have asked for a ride and we wouldn’t be here,” I replied.

She looked at me strangely and said, “Fuck, you know I don’t even know what kind of truck this is and I have never been in one before.”

I guess the surprised look on my face amused her because she was laughing when she said, “Look dumb fuck it was the horse in your pants I wanted, not the horse under the hood.” Her face softened as she thought she had hurt my feelings, then she continued, “I decided an hour before that I wanted to fuck you, but when you didn’t make a move I had to think of something other than to just blurt it out.”

I guess I was looking at her like she was crazy because she said, “Ah fuck, come on man, don’t tell me you haven’t pulled something like this to get alone with a girl?”

“Well fuck yes I have, I answered laughing I’m about the biggest male slut around. I believe what Robert Duvall said in “Lonesome Dove”: “Any man who won’t lie and cheat to get a little push, doesn’t want it very bad.”

We both chuckled about that for a couple of minutes before I asked, “So, do you think we could do this again?”

She turned smiling brightly saying, “Any time you want it!”

A minute later she asked still looking at me, “So, are you married or attached?”

“Well yes I am, I answered, I guess you don’t fuck married men?”

“Fuck yes I do married men, as long as they keep their mouths shut. Its just that I am babysitting my sister’s apartment and her cat this weekend and I thought you might spend the night with me?”

“Uh, I might be able to work that out, I answered reflectively, we have an open marriage. I will have to call home and make sure she has nothing planned. If not we can do that.”

“Cool, she said excitedly, are you guys like swingers or something?”

“Yes I answered her we do live in the lifestyle.”

“Wow maybe she would like to come over too?”

“She might, but not tonight, we have our daughter at home.”

“Oh ok so when will you know?” She asked.

“I’ll call as soon as we get back. But what about your boyfriend?”

“What fucking boyfriend? Ah man did that fucking shit head tell you he was my boyfriend?

“Uh, well, I said, I don’t want to start a fight.”

“No you won’t, he and I are really good friends and we hang out a lot together, but I don’t have a boyfriend and he tells people we are and dickhead doesn’t realize it, but it screws up his chance with other girls because they think he and I are an item.

We arrived back at the rink with five minutes to spare and as she jumped out of the truck, said, “I’ll see you inside, I need to run to the rest room, I have cum running down my legs into my shoes, I flipped open my cell phone and called home. Kim answered it after three rings and I asked, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, she replied, I’m a little tired and I’m going to bed, I’ll be asleep when you get home.”

“Uh, would it be alright if I didn’t come home tonight?”

“I guess, she answered, you going to go to the rescue squad?”

“Well not exactly, I said as I proceeded to tell her what had just transpired.

“Uhun, you horny old bastard, she chuckled, go ahead and enjoy yourself and I’ll hear about it tomorrow. However before you get too deep in this little girls twat you better be sure she is eighteen, some girls graduate when they are seventeen, you know.”

“Ok I said I‘ll make sure, it may be noon before I get home, sleep tight.

I love you.”

“Hey, she said before hanging up, you make sure that little bitch has my number and tell her if you have a heart attack to call me right after 911 and she better be there holding your hand when I get there. And tell her you are like a library book she can borrow you for the night but not for keeps.”

“Ok”, I said and hung up.

I gathered my gear and walked back into the rink just as the game started. Five minutes later Kelly walked in looking fresh as a daisy. She leaned her whole body into me and whispered in my ear, “So am I sleeping alone tonight?”

Whispering back I said, “No and if I have anything to do about it you won’t sleep at all.”

Smiling broadly, she said, “Cool, now you’ve made me wet again.”

Still leaning into her, I asked, “You are eighteen, aren’t you?”

Feeling her rather than hearing her chuckle she said, “Little late now isn’t it? But don’t worry, I’m not jailbait. And by the way…..I have a lot planned for you tonight.”

To be cont…..

Any comments good or bad is appreciated. I have other stories I can email if you like. I have other stories posted on this site. Email me on this site @couplesbidelight on sls or

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