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The Inheritance

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It must have been my week for shocks. It started Wednesday at work. I received a telegram telling me that my Uncle Roger had died. I didn't even know he was ill. He had canceled our usual summer campout but I thought he must have just been busy. An even bigger shock was the line that required me to be at the reading of the will. They even sent me instructions for travel by air.

I showed the telegram to my boss and requested three days of bereavement leave. He emphatically said, "NO!" I would have to take vacation time instead. I thought that was strange because the company I worked for was a division of my Uncle's corporation, Pacific Explorations. I was sure that I was authorized the leave. After arguing with him for half an hour I told him I wanted two weeks of vacation. He denied my request. I thought he was strangely hostile. I couldn't understand it.

At lunch time I took the telegram to Human Resources. They granted me the leave without batting an eye but they wouldn't give me the vacation without my bosses approval. I shrugged it off. I thought I'd go to the funeral and the reading of the will. When I got the vacation I'd go camping and remember all the times I'd gone camping with Roger. He didn't have any children of his own and his wife, aunt Abigail, died three years ago. We'd camped for a week every summer since I was twelve. He was almost like a surrogate father to me. He really helped me grieve after my father and mother, his sister, died in a plane crash returning home from my college graduation ceremony. I wondered what he had left me. I knew it wouldn't be much but was happy that he thought of me at all.

About two in the afternoon my boss called me in and chew my ass up one side and down the other over me going to HR. He assigned me to straight mid-shifts starting the Tuesday following my bereavement leave. He threatened, "You may have gotten over this time but you'll pay for it. Believe me you'll pay." He turned and stomped off before I had a chance to say anything.

The following morning I went to the airport in San Diego. I checked all the airline ticket counters and was uniformly told that there was no ticket waiting for me. I reread the telegram and almost slapped my forehead. It plainly stated that I was to go to the private charter terminal. I retrieved my car from long term parking and drove to the private terminal. I almost lost my cool when I found Uncle Roger's corporate jet waiting to pick me up. I'm sure my jaw was hanging open all the way up the steps into the plane. I'd expected a coach class ticket not VIP treatment.

I mulled things over all the way from San Diego to Monterey. My mind was still churning as the fields around Monterey materialize out of the fog as we were coming in for a landing.

My next surprise was being met by my Uncle's limo and his personal assistant, Audrey. Audrey was a slim willowy woman who stood about five foot eight in, what looked like extremely uncomfortable, five inch heels. Her auburn hair was rolled tightly in a french roll. She was dressed in a conservative business suit, the skirt came down just below her knees and she wore black hose. She wore little jewelry, onyx studs in her ears with a small diamond mounted in each stud and a tasteful onyx necklace. There was a feminine and tasteful watch on her wrist. She was beautiful. I was becoming numb to surprises when we drove, not to a hotel but to my Uncle's estate. Audrey had my luggage put in one of the guest suites.

After I'd freshened up Audrey sat me at the dining room table and pulled out a large packet of papers.

"I'm so glad you're here. It will make things so much easier," she said.

I noticed dark circles under her eyes. She wasn't disheveled but looked very tired. "So, when are the other cousins arriving?" I asked.

"They'll be here by six thirty this evening. The reading of the will is tomorrow at one in the afternoon. The service is Saturday. Your uncle wanted to be cremated and his ashes scattered over the bay. I'm hoping you'll stay for the service and to help scatter his ashes on Sunday. I've already arranged permission to scatter his ashes at the entrance to the bay. We can take his boat to a point halfway between the headlands that define the bay. That's where he wanted to be laid to rest."

I could see tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

She turned to the packet and handed me a list of instructions that Roger had written. She had recited them to me perfectly.

Next she handed me a sealed letter. "You're uncle told me to give this to you immediately upon his death. I'm sorry, this was the best I could do."

"I'm sure this is fine," I replied.

She flashed me a quick smile, "I would have come down on the plane and given it to you but I had other things I had to take care of."

I patted her hand. "This is soon enough. Now let me read."

She folded her hands in her lap and watched while I opened the letter and read.

Dear Ryan,

When you get this I'll be dead. I'm sure Audrey will get it to you as soon as possible. She's an amazing assistant and an amazing woman. You have a lot of decisions to make in the next few weeks, whatever you decide be kind to her she's been my rock since Abby died.

What I wanted tell you is, I've been watching you and your cousins closely for years. What's going to happen over the next few days and weeks is the result of my observations.

I also want you to know I've enjoyed our summer outings immensely and regret that my illness made it impossible this year.

I can't and won't tell you the details of my will but I hope you'll stay around for the reading. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I hope you'll be here for my burial at sea so to speak.

I want to warn you about Sherwin Wilson. He's the CFO of the corporation. I've been too ill to take part in all of the board meetings and he's been voting my shares. Of late, I've become worried about the direction the company is taking. We are becoming less ecologically sound in our practices, hiding behind our record. Soon the activists will get wind of this and the corporation won't do well in the resulting fire storm. I'm hoping you can turn this around. I know from your actions and associations that you feel like I do about the environment. Follow your instincts, you have good ones.

Again I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our summer camp outs. I'm very proud of you. You've grown to be my kind of man.

My last word is to say: trust Audrey implicitly. Don't trust anyone else at the company."

Love and Long Life


I sat back stunned.

Audrey asked, "Are you alright sir?"

I held out the letter. "Read it."

"Oh no sir. That was private for you from your uncle."

"Read it Audrey. Apparently, I'm going to be relying on you for a lot of things."

She took the letter and read it twice before handing it back to me. She had a tear standing in the corner of her eye.

"Audrey will you help me thru this? Will you stay and guide me thru things? I don't know what I can pay you but I'll do my best to do right by you."

Her tears leaked down her cheeks. "Of course I'll help you for as long as you need."

She looked really tired prompting me to ask, "Audrey how long have you been up?"

"It's nothing sir. There have been a lot of things that needed attending to."

"Audrey, that doesn't answer my question. Please answer me. How long have you been awake?"

She looked me in the eyes. "I've been awake for thirty eight hours sir. There's just been so much to do."

When do you have to meet the next group of my cousins at the airport?"

"I need to be there in about four hours sir. Now there is so much more we need to go thru..."

I interrupted, "Not now. First, I want you to call me Ryan except when we are in meetings and 'Sir' is appropriate. Second, you are going to bed right after you take a shower. I'll wake you in time for you to meet my cousins."

She started to protest. "Sir, I mean Ryan, I still have so much to go over with you... "

"No, you're going to bed right now! I'll read these papers while you sleep and you can go over them with me when you get back. Drop your clothes outside the door and I'll have them cleaned while you sleep."

She stood up and looked at me with a slight smile on her face. "You're so like your uncle. Thank you Ryan. No need to have my clothing cleaned. I keep some outfits here."

I walked her to the door to her room, next to Uncle Roger's master suite. As she slipped thru it. I saw a nice queen sized bed and the door to an en suite bathroom. I stayed by the door listening. I heard the shower come on briefly and then shut off. After a few minutes I could faintly hear her crying and the slight creak as she slipped into the bed. I listened for a few minutes, until I heard a soft snore. Once I was sure she was asleep I started wandering the house.

I found the kitchen and a chef waiting there. I said, "Hello. Anthony, right?"

He smiled, "Yes sir, I'm Anthony. Can I fix you something to eat?"

"Unless you're off duty, in about three hours I'd like a couple of sandwiches for me and Audrey. I like roast beef or ham. I'm guessing you know what she likes."

He smiled, "Yes sir. I think a chef's salad for Audrey, with chicken. I'll take care of it sir."

I said, "Please call me Ryan. I'll never answer to 'Sir,' I'm not used to it."

"As you wish... Ryan."

"So how long have you worked for Uncle Roger? I can't remember when I first met you."

"I've worked here for ten years. It was much happier when your Aunt Abigail was alive. Your uncle really loved her. I remember your summer camping visits. You'd be here for about a day then you and your uncle would take off for a week of camping. He was always so relaxed and at peace when he returned. ... Are you sure I can't get you something?"

"A glass of iced tea would be good. I have a lot of papers to go thru."

He went to the fridge, an enormous refrigerator suitable for a small restaurant, and got out a pitcher of tea. A glass from the cabinet and a handful of ice cubes and I had my tea.

I said, "Thank you Anthony." I took a sip. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm doing alright. Of course, I'm sad. I really liked your uncle. I can't figure out if it's because of Roger dying or because I'll soon have to look for a job. Still, I liked your uncle, a lot. He'd come in here and talk to me, just like you are now. We'd talk about everything from the quality of the fish in the market to the latest space news. He was really hot on the environment. You know global warming and things like that. He always was interested in what I thought. Why I don't know. The only things I know are from what's on TV. It doesn't make much sense to me."

I smiled, "Maybe Uncle Roger wanted to understand how most people were reacting to the news. Maybe he was trying to get a feel for how the people were being led around by the nose by the news they got from TV. Maybe he was using you as a sounding board. I'm sure you were a great help to him. ... This is very good tea. Could I get a refill?" I shoved the glass across the counter toward him.

He smiled and refilled the glass. I took it and with a small hand wave, went back to the dining room. I sat down to go thru the folio of papers Audrey had for me. I skimmed over them once and noticed how Audrey had arranged them in a logical order so that everything built on the papers that came before them. I'd just finished reading them for the second time when Anthony brought out my sandwiches, a refill on my tea, he also brought Audrey's salad and a glass of lemonade. I thanked him and went to wake her.

I knocked on the door but got no answer. I tried the door knob and it was open. I walked quietly to the bed and softly said, "Audrey it's time to get up." That didn't work so I gently shook her shoulder and repeated myself.

She startled awake. She threw the covers back and slid out of bed onto the floor. She knelt on the carpet with her hands clasp behind her back and her knees spread wide. Her head was bowed but her back was straight. She was stark naked. She whispered, "I'm sorry Master."

I was taken aback and amazed at the beautiful woman kneeling at my feet. I could feel my cock rapidly filling with blood. I suppressed my base urges and said, "Audrey, it's Ryan. It's time to get dressed. Meet me in the dining room. Anthony made you a salad for lunch." I left quickly, softly closing the door behind me.

Audrey was out in the dining room in under fifteen minutes. She looked at me and blushed. She sat down and looked me in the eyes. "Well that was embarrassing. I guess that secret is out. Ryan, I'm a submissive. It's just something about me. I do better if someone is in charge of me. For the last three years I've been your uncle's personal assistant and sex slave. His willing sex slave. I never wear clothes unless it's necessary."

"What about when Anthony's around?"

"Anthony knows everything. I've been naked around him for almost two years. Anthony is gay and far more likely to hit on you than me. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"I'm a little embarrassed but also enlightened. You're very beautiful and very sexy."

She smiled, "Thank you. Thank you for making me get some sleep. I feel so much better now." She started to eat, "The salad is perfect, how did you know?"

"I talked to Anthony. I ordered sandwiches for both of us but he suggested the salad and lemonade. I figured he knew what you liked a lot better than I did so I took his suggestion."

"I can see you're smart like your uncle."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well you didn't know what I liked but you listened to someone who did. Your uncle was like that. He had to trust the person but when he trusted them then he acted on their advice. In this case this is the perfect lunch for me." She started eating with gusto.

"Thank you for the complement. I'm glad it's something you like."

She asked, "Did you get to look at the documents I left?"

"Yes, twice. Your organization was excellent. They made a lot of sense."

She sat up a little straighter. "You got thru them twice!"

I nodded, "Yes. The first time I just skimmed them to get an overview. The second time I read them more in depth. I still want to go over them with you but not now. Let's keep meal times for good food, good company and good conversation. No work during meals. Okay?"

She smiled again, "You are so like your uncle, he didn't like to mix work with his meals either."

She finished her salad and said, "I'm sorry but I have to run if I'm going to make it to the airport on time."

I stood up as she rose. "No worries. I'll be here when you get back." I noticed she had on a different power suit and was wearing five inch heels. They looked uncomfortable. She teetered just a little on them as she walked.

After she left, I wandered around to finish reacquainting myself with the house while she was gone. I found the game room, the exercise room and the pool. I found the dining alcove off the kitchen and a lot of bedroom suites. I even invaded Uncle Roger's bedroom. Hidden behind his open door was a door between his room and Audrey's room. It looked like part of the wall. It had no lock and the release was well disguised. It started my mind to working, I wondered what it looked like from the other side. I restrained myself from invading Audrey's room but, given what happened earlier I was definitely curious.

Finished poking into the rooms in the mansion, I went to a lounge area and put some music on the entertainment center. I looked out the windows at the bay and thought about Audrey, things she'd implied and the door between her room and Uncle Rogers. I thought about her coming out of a deep sleep and kneeling at my feet naked. I thought about what she told me about her relationship with my uncle. I thought a lot about her revelation that she was submissive. Then I thought "Holy Shit!" As the full import of her actions and Uncle Roger's letter hit me.

I went back to the kitchen and asked Anthony if there was something quick he could fix for dinner for Audrey and I. Something that my uncle would like and something that Audrey would like too. I explained that I didn't know when she would be back but that it was important to me that she had a good meal when she returned.

He came around the counter and gave me a hug. "You're taking care of her just like your uncle did. She's been working very hard, you know. You're uncle was worried that she wouldn't have anyone after he died. I'm sure he is looking down from heaven and smiling right now." He stepped back blushing a deep red. "I'm sorry but I feel for her."

"Don't be sorry. I feel for her too. Her loss seems to be the deepest. From what I've seen she really loved him. She's only doing this because it was his wish. I'll try to take care of her."

He said, "Damn you're a good man!"

There was something in the way he looked at me, I said, "Anthony, she told me you were gay. I'm afraid I'm strongly hetero."

He smiled, "She told you that! Well, that tells me more about you than anything I've seen. It's the truth, I am gay and if you'd shown the slightest inclination I'd put out the welcome mat for you. I'm glad you know and glad to know where we stand. As I said, you're a damn good man."

It was nine-thirty before Audrey got back. She looked dead on her feet. However, she picked up the packet of papers from the table and said, "Well shall we get started?"

I took the packet from her and said, "No. You look exhausted. We're going to have dinner and then we're going to bed. Now does uncle have a safe we can secure these in until tomorrow?"

"Yes si... yes Ryan, he does." I handed her the papers and she carried them into Roger's bedroom.

When she came back out I pointed to a spot on the couch and said, "Sit." She sat and watched me as I pulled up the ottoman. I picked up her feet and sat them on my thighs and gently removed those ankle-breaker shoes.

"Oh God that feels good," she whispered.

I gently started massaging her feet and calves. She started making low moaning and cooing sounds.

She almost zoned out then shook herself. "Who do you want me to kill? Another half hour of this and I'll do whoever you want!"

I chuckled, "I'll keep that in reserve. You've already earned this many times over. What took so long? I thought the last plane arrived at six thirty."

She sighed, "It did but they all wanted room upgrades and there was a lot of grousing about who had the best room and the best view. Jesus what a bunch of children!"

"Well I have no doubt I have the best room. We have enough bedrooms here why are they all in a hotel and I'm here."

She looked at me, "You're not that dense. You're the heir apparent. Besides it's the way you're uncle wanted it. He said it was easier to get rid of them this way. All we need to do is announce that we're not paying the hotel bills any longer. They're welcome to stay as long as they want; all they have to do is foot the bill."

I laughed out loud. "Sneaky old fart wasn't he!"

She giggled, "When the occasion arose. Yes he was."

Anthony announced dinner. It was angel hair pasta with chicken and Alfredo sauce, accompanied by a garden salad with Italian dressing, served with a crisp chardonnay.

When she sat down Audrey said, "You've been talking with Anthony again. This was one of our favorite meals." Tears formed in her eyes.

"Guilty as charged. I knew you'd be busy and wouldn't eat. Besides Anthony and I now have an understanding. He understands that I'm firmly hetrosexual and that I don't care if he's gay but that I care very much that he is a very fine chef.

Anthony stepped up behind me and said, "And I understand that Ryan cares very much about the people who work for him and tries to take care of them. Especially you Audrey. He's very much like Roger."

She answered in a low soft voice, "I know Tony. Only Roger would have given me a foot rub after such a grueling day. Only Roger and now Ryan. Only those two would have had you prepare a special meal for me. Only those two... I think Roger chose wisely."

We finished our meal and I walked her to her room with strict instructions to shower again and go to bed.

I went back to the lounge area and looked out over the dark bay, watching the lights of an occasional boat. I sat for about an hour trying to sort out all the things I'd learned from the reading and from the two people in Uncle Roger's house and life.

As I went to my room I heard Audrey weeping in Roger's bedroom. I stepped into the room and said, "Audrey are you alright" I could see her kneeling naked at the foot of Roger's bed.

She sniffed, "Yes, I'm fine."

I knew that was a lie. "Stand up and come to me." I couldn't help but notice how graceful she was.

She stopped in front of me and said, "Yes Ryan."

"You slept with him every night didn't you?"

"Not with him actually. I slept at the foot of his bed every night except those when he wanted me with him."

"Like a good little sex slave."

"Yes sir, exactly like a good sex slave."

"Tonight I want you to sleep with me. Come." I turned and walked the two paces to my door and walked thru it leaving it open.

I walked to the bed and turned around. I was working on pure instinct. "I want you to undress me and give me a shower."

She glanced up at me and a slight smile flickered around her mouth. "Yes Ryan." She closed the distance between us and started unbuttoning my shirt. Once she had me naked we went to the bathroom and she started the shower. She sat me on the toilet. When I'd finished she pulled me into the shower.

"Ryan, how do you want me to wash you?"

"Start with my hair and work your way down, please. Did you ever wash Roger?"

She smiled, "Yes. All the time. He liked to have his hair shampooed first too. He never told me why."

"I don't know why Roger wanted it done that way but It only makes sense to me to wash the hair first because that way I don't have dirty water running over areas that have already been washed. It may sound silly but that's my reason."

She giggled, "That's as good a reason as any. It sounds like Roger's reasoning."

She finished washing me and carefully dried me. I took a towel and dried her, over her objections. Then I led her into the bedroom and ordered her to get in bed.

"Ryan, I usually sleep at the foot of his bed."

"Tonight I want you to sleep in bed with me."

She nodded and slipped under the covers. "Ryan, thank you for this. It may not make sense to you but it helps me. It helps that you ordered me to bathe you and now sleep with you."

"I'm glad this helps. I like to sleep in the nude. ... Will you answer one question for me?"

"Anything. I'll answer any question you ask."

"Thank you. Is the door between your room and the master bedroom there for appearances sake?"

"Yes, exactly. When there were guests I always went into my room and waited until Roger came for me. I waited kneeling in the nude until he came. Tonight you came for me just like Roger. Just when I needed it most. Thank you."

I pulled her close and kissed her on the forehead. "You're welcome," I whispered. I turned her over and spooned with her. She gave one sigh and went to sleep. It took me a while longer. For one thing I wasn't used to holding a woman in my arms, especially a beautiful naked woman. It took considerable restraint to keep from taking what she so obviously would give me freely. In her sleep she took my hand and pulled it up until it covered her breast.

She mumbled, "Mmmm, so good Master"

I stayed awake for another hour thinking about Audrey and Uncle Roger, their relationship and the implications of me being the only one invited to Roger's house before I finally drifted off.

The next morning I woke to find Audrey was gone and it was eight-thirty. I got up and went to the toilet. When I came back out she was standing by the bed holding a tray with my breakfast on it.

As soon as she saw me a bright smile bloomed on her face. "I brought you breakfast in bed."

"You didn't have to do that."

"I know but I wanted to. You helped me so much last night."

"All I did was try to comfort you. I could tell you were worn out and emotional. That is, if ordering you around like a slave is comforting. I'm glad I could help."

"Ordering me about like a slave is what helped most. Roger was my master. Last night you took charge of me like you were my master. You are so much like him. When you took charge it helped ground me. I was still a submissive and I still had a strong, gentle master to guide me. I promised your uncle that I'd help you no matter what but you've made it a blessing for me. You've taken care of me. No matter what happens at the reading of the will today I'll do my best to help you anyway I can. It'll be, almost, like Roger never died. I think I'm starting to fall for you."

"Am I really that much like Uncle Roger. That's a hell of a lot to live up to."

She set the tray on a table. "More than you know you're like your uncle. You're doing a great job so far. Anthony likes you and I adore you for taking care of me the way you have. You were right to put me to bed yesterday afternoon. I was at the end of my rope. Then last night, I can't think of anything you could have done better to help me grieve than what you did."

"But I ordered you to bathe me like a slave, with no regard for your feelings."

"Exactly! That's what I needed. I needed someone to take control of me and take my mind off of Roger. You did that wonderfully! You gave me some service and then you took me to bed and just held me. It was exactly what I needed."

"Did you know you pulled my hand up to your breast?"

"I don't remember doing that but that is the way Roger always held me when we slept together. I wondered why you were holding me like that when I woke this morning... I'm sorry I keep comparing you to your uncle but you two are so similar it's hard not to."

"Well so far all of the comparisons have been favorable. Some time soon I want to sit down with you and just talk about Uncle Roger and Aunt Abigail."

"Anytime after the funeral. I didn't know Abigail very well. Roger only hired me about six months before she died. We weren't intimate until several months after she died. Roger was really broken up and sort of withdrew from life right after her funeral."

"I'm sure you were a great help to him in his grief. Now help me dress and I'll eat in the dining nook."

She smiled at me. "Yes Ryan." She went to my suitcase and unpacked it into the drawers and the closet. She hung my one good suit out and got me some jogging pants and a sweatshirt to wear. She knelt down and put my socks on and helped me into my running shoes. Once I was dressed she picked up the tray and carried it out of the room.

She sat with me and just chatted about inconsequential things as I ate my breakfast. I was somewhat surprised until I remembered my edict about no work at meals. I studied her as we talked. She was wearing a lilac silk blouse with a floral pattern and a light tan skirt that hugged her waist and flowed gently over her hips, falling to just below her knees. She had sandals on her feet. "Audrey, you're lovely in that outfit. I really like you in a full skirt and the blouse is amazing."

She blushed and whispered, "See what I mean. This was one of your uncle's favorite outfits. I sort of dressed for him today. He bought me this blouse. He bought all of my clothes."

"Uncle Roger had great taste. You're beautiful in it and it fits you perfectly."

She blushed and ducked her head but she had a smile on her face.

We spent the next two hours going over the papers he'd left for me then Audrey hauled me off to the bedroom to change. The reading of the will was at one o'clock. I noticed that my travel rumpled suit had been freshly pressed along with my shirt and tie. My shoes had been freshly polished. I dressed and was struggling with the tie when she stepped in front of me. She said, "He could never tie his tie right either." I stood still, watching her face, as she expertly tied it. She stepped back and nodded.

I looked at her. She looked very professional in a tailored pinstripe suit. She looked uncomfortable on another set of five inch heels. "Audrey don't you have any lower heels? I'd like you to put on a pair with no more than three inch heels if you have some to match."

It was hard to read her face. A whole gamut of emotions flashed across her face. She stepped forward and kissed me on the cheek. "As you wish Ryan." She quickly disappeared into her room. She reappeared in some shoes that matched her outfit better and they had less than three inch heels. She was much more stable on them. She asked, "How did you know?"

"Know what?"

"Know that I had shoes that had lower heels. Know that your uncle didn't like to see me in the five inch heels."

"I didn't know. It's just that you looked so uncomfortable on the higher heels. I want you to be comfortable. Why were you wearing them?"

She lowered her eyes. "Mr. Wilson. He told me I was to wear the higher heels from now on."

"Is he your master now?" I saw tears forming in her eyes.

She sighed, "I don't know. It depends on Roger's will. I don't know who will inherit me."

I was a little shocked. I asked, "Do you want to be inherited? You told me Roger said you were to help me for at least six months."

"I don't know. I know that being treated like property feels right to me. I know that I'd love to have you inherit me."

"We can talk about this after the reading of the will. Do we have to pick up the others?"

She shook her head, "No, we don't need to pick them up. I left specific instructions as to where the will was being read and when the stretch limo would be outside the hotel to drive them to the law offices. If they can't follow directions then they'll have to hear things second hand." I was mesmerized by her soft silky looking hair as it flowed around the sides of her face. She gave me a quirky little smile when she noticed me staring.

We arrived just before the stretch limo carrying all six of my cousins. We all trooped into the elevator together and were shown into a tenth floor conference room with a huge polished mahogany conference table.

Once we were seated, I noticed that Audrey sat behind me against the wall, the lawyer came in and took his place at the head of the table. He was interrupted as Sherwin Wilson barged in the slammed door closed. He took a seat next to the lawyer.

Sherwin said, "Get on with this. I have a board meeting at four."

The lawyer looked at him with a sour face and said, "Mr Wilson you are not on the list of people to be present at the reading of the will."

Wilson glared at him and said, "I don't give a shit Reynolds! Read the fucking will! I need to know which of these assholes I have to deal with!"

The will reading went on for an hour and a half with small bequests to each of the cousins, small being on the order of seven hundred thousand to four hundred thousand dollars each. None of them got any stock.

There was dead silence when Reynolds said, "To my very able assistant, Audrey Livingstone, I leave five percent of the voting shares of the company on the condition she stay and aid Ryan Frederick for at least six months from the reading of this will." He looked up and said. "Ms Livingstone you should be seated at the table."

I looked back and Audrey was rooted to her seat. She gave a slight wave and sat back, a stunned look on her face.

Reynolds drew our attention back with an "Ahem." Once he had our attention he continued. "The last bequest is to Ryan Frederick. To Ryan Frederick I leave the bulk of my estate. Forty-seven percent of the stock in the company. My house, my cars, my boat, my various land holdings and the money in my bank accounts go to him with the proviso that he retain Audrey Livingstone as his advisor and personal assistant for at least six months. Lastly Ryan Frederick will take my place as chairman on the corporate board until a full election of the stockholders can decide if he belongs on the board ... That ladies and gentlemen concludes the reading of the will."

Williams popped out of his chair and shouted, "Bull Shit. That little no account shit doesn't get all those shares. I'll contest the will!"

Reynolds smiled a nasty smile at him, "If you wish to waste your money Mr Williams go ahead and contest the will. It has been vetted by the best legal minds in the country. It also has a proviso that no changes in operations of the corporation may be made while the will is being contested. That means that the board cannot make any changes even in the slightest to the operations of the corporation or it's subsidiaries. By all means contest the will if you wish."

Frustrated, Williams turned on Audrey. "Slut I told you five inch heels. I'll beat your ass black and blue for disobeying me." He started for her.

I stepped in front of him. "You'll do no such thing. I inherited Audrey as my personal assistant, at least for six months, and I ordered her to wear those shoes. If you lay a finger on her you'll be in court on your way to jail for assault. If you do it in my presence you'll wind up in the hospital before you get to jail or court. Now leave! My personal assistant and I have work to do." I stared at him for what seemed like half an hour but was really only a minute or so before he backed down. He left cursing under his breath.

Once Reynolds left, there was an incredible hubbub as all my cousins started shouting about how unfair this was and threats about contesting the will.

Harvey Reynolds quashed most of it. "Attention please ladies and gentlemen! As the will states, any person contesting the will forfeits his or her bequest. Unless you're successful you're throwing away your money. I assure you that you will not be successful. Your uncle drafted this will over a year ago and had it run thru the probate courts. If Mr. Williams can spend millions to contest it and lose; and he will lose; how do you expect to win? Mr. Dumas has been generous to each of you. I do not know his reasons for the bequests but I do know that this will is ironclad and unbreakable."

There was a dead silence into which Audrey stepped forward. "Tomorrow night, after the funeral there will be a wake for Roger Dumas at his home, now Ryan Frederick's home. There will be a limousine to carry you all to and from the wake. It will arrive at the hotel at four in the afternoon and another one will be there every hour until eight in the evening. A limo will be available at the house to bring you back to your hotel any time you wish.

One of my cousins, Jerry Hastings, growled, "So where did mister big shot stay last night?

Audrey answered, "By Mr. Dumas' explicit orders, Mr Frederick stayed in the house last night in a guest bedroom. I'll be moving him into the master bedroom this evening."

Jerry shouted, "So honey are you part of the deal? Have you fucked him yet? Did you fuck him last night to keep your position? What position was it? Doggie?"

"As you heard, I'm required to be Mr. Frederick personal assistant for the next six months. That does not include sex. To satisfy your prurient interest, Mr Frederick and I have not had sex." Audrey turned to me and waited.

Jerry started around the table.

I stepped in front of him too. "Jerry, I'm full grown now your days of bullying me are long gone. I'm at least as strong as you and a whole lot more pissed off by your insults to this wonderful lady. Be a good little boy and go downstairs and take the limo back to your very nice hotel room." He froze. I took Audrey's arm and walked her out of the room.

I told the limo driver to take us to corporate headquarters. I wanted to be at the board meeting.

On the way Audrey asked, "Why do you think he gave me five percent of the stock? That's way more than my service has been worth."

"Do you want a guess?"

She nodded, "Yes I'd love to know what you think."

"Uncle Roger must have been pretty certain of me but I think he was hedging his bets. If I turned out to be doing something disastrous for the company you could stop me by voting with the other stockholders. On the hand if they were doing something both you and I agreed was bad for the company your vote would swing the decision our way."

She thought about this for a half a minute.. "So he gave me tremendous power over the companies. I don't understand why."

"Audrey, you're smart and knowledgeable and you know what he wanted, far better than I do. In this letter." I pulled his letter to me out of my pocket. "He told me to trust you implicitly. That tells me he trusted you the same way. I think he loved you." I put the letter away.

"So why are we going to the board meeting?"

"I think Sherwin is going to try something. I'm going to try and shut it down."

She used the internal phone to tell the driver to hurry back to the lawyer's office. When we got there she had them make a proxy certificate giving me the right to vote her shares for the next month. Once that was done we were gone, rushing back to the corporation headquarters.

I asked her, "Why give me proxy for month?"

"I don't trust Sherwin. He's up to something. He won't let me into the board meeting, I'm not a member of the board and I've never been allowed inside since Roger quit chairing the meetings. He thinks he's got forty-eight percent of the shares tied up and voting his way. You can find out what he's up to and stop him if you have my five percent. I suggest that all board meetings be postponed for at least a month when a full stockholder's meeting can be held and a new board elected. That's what I'd suggest but you're going to be on your own in there."

"Thank you. Thanks for the insight and for the proxy."

We discussed details of the corporation operations the whole way to the board meeting.

Just as she predicted Sherwin excluded her from the board meeting. In the meeting his plan became clear. He wanted to use more conventional less costly and less environmentally sound ways of doing seawater reclamation and wanted to take a larger percentage of kelp and fish from the kelp forests that the corporation was harvesting. This would take the harvest far out of the sustainable category. When the conservationists got a hold of it there would be hell to pay and the reputation of the company would be ruined. I voted against it as Audrey and I had discussed.

Sherwin blew up when I voted against the changes but settled down quickly. He gave me a nasty grin as the other board members sided with him and voted their shares and proxies. "That's forty-eight percent 'Yea' and forty-seven percent 'Nae.' The motion passes."

I said, "Just a minute. That's only ninety-five percent of the shares."

He gave me that evil grin again, "Yeah and the other five percent is sitting outside with that hot little slut Audrey and she can't vote them here."

I gave him an matching evil grin and said, "No she can't but I can. She gave me her proxy." I slid the proxy down the table. Her five percent are voted 'Nae.' That's fifty two percent against. The motion is defeated."

He howled, "You ignorant bastard! You mother fucking son of a bitch! You can't do this!"

I calmly said, "Yes I can and I have. Now as the interim board chairman I'm putting a hold on any other board business until we can have a full stockholder's meeting and elect a new board. I vote my forty-seven percent and Audrey's five percent in favor of suspension of further board meetings until a board election is held." I looked at the secretary recording the board meeting. "Ms...? "

She looked back at me. "Simmons, Brenda Simmons."

"Thank you. Ms Simmons please have these minutes type up and distributed to the board members by close of business today. Let's set up a full stockholder's meeting and board election for a month from now so we can get on with the business of the corporation." I looked around the room. "Any other business?" I got no response from the stunned board members so I adjourned the meeting.

As I left the board room Audrey was waiting for me. I whispered, "Go with Ms Simmons and ensure that the minutes are accurate. She has them on tape."

Ms Simmons exited the boardroom and Audrey fell in step with her. I went to find Uncle Roger's office.


Walking back to her office Brenda confided in Audrey. "Wow so old man Dumas gave you five percent of the company. I thought Mr Williams was going to burst a blood vessel when Mr Frederick pulled out your proxy and trumped him. I'd watch out, he's a sneaky bastard. I know I work for him and I know I'm supposed to be loyal but ... there are things I just can't stomach."

"Don't worry Brenda. Ryan is so much like his uncle it's scary."

"So why are you here?"

"Ryan didn't know if he could trust you or not so I'm supposed to make sure the transcript of the board meeting is accurate and complete. Please don't hold it against him he's really a great guy."

"Jesus honey, he sure converted you in a hurry. You were really hung up on Mr. Dumas."

"Brenda, Ryan is so much like Mr. Dumas it's otherworldly. It makes me believe in reincarnation or transferring of consciousness to another body. When I picked him up at the airport I'd been on the go for thirty-six hours. I tried to give him a briefing on the papers Mr. Dumas left for him before I had to pick up the rest of his cousins at the airport and get them settled. What would Sherwin have done?"

"You know. He'd have made you brief him and keep going. He'd make the cousins wait if necessary. Why what did Mr. Frederick do?"

"He put me to bed. That is he ordered me to go to take a shower and go to bed. When he woke me three hours later he had a chef's salad and glass of lemonade ready for me to eat."

"And then you briefed him?"

"No I had to get to the airport. I was wearing those damn five inch heels, Sherwin demanded. After I finally got back after getting all the cousins settled he sat me on the couch and gave me a foot rub. I was in heaven and then I found out that he had Anthony prepare one of my favorite meals for a late supper. After supper he ordered me to bed again. We didn't go over that packet together until this morning."

"Jesus that sounds just like Mr. Dumas!"

"Exactly! He realized how hard I was trying and he made things better for me, easier and doable. He caught me crying over Mr. Dumas last night and he comforted me. I felt so much better this morning. It's a little scary how much like Mr. Dumas he is."


I shortly found the executive offices and walked into Uncle Roger's front office.

The secretary said, "I'm sorry sir but Mr. Dumas is not available. If you'll leave your name and a phone number he'll contact you as soon as possible."

I looked at the name tag on her desk. "Ursula, my uncle died two days ago. He'll never be in again. I'm Ryan Frederick. I inherited his shares in the company. Would you please call Brenda Simmons and verify that I have the right to access my uncle's office."

She looked up at me with her mouth half open. "Yes sir. Please wait a minute." She got on the phone and talked for about two minutes. She described me and my clothes and then hung up. She stood and said, "Sir if you'll come this way. I'm sorry sir I didn't recognize you." She escorted me to his office door.

"No reason you should. My guess is that you're not my uncle's regular secretary. You've been posted here strictly to keep people out of my uncle's office. You're doing a very nice job."

She almost curtsied. "Thank you sir. I'm really new here. I've only been here two months."

"Well you're doing a good job. Thank you. Who's your supervisor?"

"Mr. Redding sir. Down in the typing pool."

I said, "Thank you." and closed the door. I looked around. The office was plush but not overpoweringly so. There were two intimate settings for small conferences, a large teak desk and a very comfortable executive chair. I spent a good deal of time looking at the pictures on the walls. I spent somewhat less time going thru the desk. I assumed that if Audrey was working here then any important papers were in a safe at the end of each day and whenever Roger was out of the office. As far as I could see I was right. I called down to Mr. Redding and told him that Ursula was doing a good job After that I just sat on one of the couches and thought about the events of the past three days. I was sort of numb.

That's where Audrey found me. "Hey," she said. "You look down. Can I help?"

"I'm just trying to get my head around everything that's happened in the last few days. It just caught up with me while I was sitting here. Sorry. Are we ready to go?"

"Any time you are sir."

"Then we should go. How are you holding up."

"Let's get home then I can let my hair down." I looked at her long silky hair. Not a strand was out of place.

She put my copy of the board minutes in the safe. We took the limo back to the house. I guess it was my home now if I wanted it. Audrey had just started to move my things into the master bedroom when my cell phone rang. It was my boss from San Diego.

"Ryan get back here. You have to work the weekend mid-shift."

"Mr. Bates that isn't possible. The funeral is tomorrow and the burial is on Sunday..."

The conversation went on for about ten minutes with me getting no where. He just wasn't listening to me.

He finally started shouting, "I don't give a damn what you want or think! I told you you'd pay for going over my head! Get down here or you're fired!"

I had it on speaker phone so Audrey heard everything. She gently took the phone from me and spoke. "Mr. Bates, my name is Audrey Livingstone, I was the personal assistant to Roger Dumas the Chairman of the board of Pacific Explorations. He died three days ago. I am now the personal assistant to his heir, his nephew Ryan Frederick, who is now the interim chairman of the board. He will not be returning to his job there. You will have to take the weekend shifts yourself until you hire a replacement for Mr. Frederick. Am I clear?"

Bates didn't listen to her any more than he listened to me. He replied, "Listen to me you two-bit, gold digging, little slut! He's fired! Do you understand! Fired!"

Audrey simply hung up the phone. She said, "Ryan I'm so sorry... "

I laughed and kissed her on the cheek. "You were perfect. Make some time next week for us to go down and clear out my desk. Preferably accompanied by the head of the division."

She grinned at me. "Of course! That will be perfect!" She took my hand and led me to the master bedroom. She stepped close to me and started unbuttoning her blouse. "Ryan, you inherited me along with the house and the shares. The will only stipulates for six months. I would be happy if that is for as long as you want. I'm yours if you want me."

I boldly stroked her hair. It was as wonderfully soft and silky as it looked. "Audrey, I've wanted you since I first met you but only if you want me."

She started to tear up. "Of course I want you. I'm a submissive, I need my master to protect me as well as command me. In two short days you've done both. You've done them so well that I feel like I'm in heaven. You've cared for me you've seen to it that I've been fed and that I've had enough sleep. You protected me from Sherwin and your cousin Jerry. Best of all you've let me sleep with you and held me close when I was hurting. I'm yours. I want to be yours." She stepped back and finished stripping then she ask, "Master Ryan may I give you a shower and dress you in casual clothes for supper?"

I nodded and she began stripping me. I slid my hand under her hair and lightly gripped her neck. She stopped and looked up at me. I murmured, "You have beautiful eyes" and bent and kissed her. Her lips were incredibly soft. She opened her mouth for me to explore and she melted into me. She held her hands at her sides like she didn't know what to do with them. Slowly she raised them and placed them lightly around my neck. I broke the kiss and whispered in her ear, "Good girl." I nibbled on her ear and was rewarded by a quiet moan. I released her neck and whispered, "You can finish undressing me now."

She took half a step back and continued working on my shirt. She looked up at me and smiled. "That was very nice Master Ryan. Very, very nice."

"Tell me why. I'm really new at being a dominant. Why did you like it."

"Master, when you have someone by the neck you have control. Even tho you were very gentle I knew you were in control. I like it very much when you're in control. The kiss was amazing. I felt like my bones were melting. I should tell you that I really like my earlobes nipped and sucked."

I reached behind her and gathered all of her hair at the nape of her neck. I could see the change in her. She became totally docile. "What about this. Do you like this?"

She sighed, "I like this too. It's the same as holding me by the neck, you're in charge of me."

I pulled her to me and gave her another kiss. This time she didn't hesitate to put he arms lightly around my neck. When I let her go she gave a small sigh and knelt to unfasten my belt and remove my pants and underwear.

After the shower she dressed me in sweatpants and a tee-shirt, no underwear. She was totally naked as she led me to the kitchen eating nook and asked Anthony to prepare us something simple for supper.

I said, "Do you really run around the house in the nude?"

She smiled, "Yes I do. Roger liked it."

"I like it too. You're a beautiful woman but I think I'd prefer it if you wore just a skirt and blouse or a summer dress around the house. I don't know much about the dominant and submissive thing but I know you are supposed to have a safe-word. Do you have one?"

"I don't have one, Ryan. It never came up. I don't think I'll need one with you."

"Never the less I want you to have one. Please pick one now."

She knelt at my feet. "Sir I'd like 'Red Light' to be my safe-word."

I gathered a handful of hair and said, "Very well, that's your safe-word. Now sit here beside me."

She rose and sat next to me. I asked her to tell me about Uncle Roger's boat. We discussed it until Anthony served our meal.

I asked him, "Anthony have you eaten?"

"No Ryan," he answered.

"Please make yourself something and join us." He smiled and left.

Audrey said, "So like your uncle. The three of us often ate here together."

"And were you nude?" I asked.

"Yes Ryan, I was. It didn't bother Anthony. ... I think Tony was waiting for you to ask him to eat with us."

Anthony returned quickly with a salad and a glass of wine. He said, "I was listening. You can hardly help it. We often ate together like a family. Isn't Audrey just the most beautiful thing when she's naked?"

I nodded, "She's a most beautiful woman nude or dressed. Now Audrey, I think you should tell Anthony of his bequest since he was one of the few people missing from the reading of the will."

Audrey cleared her throat, "Tony, Mr Dumas left you a bequest of half a million dollars to start your own restaurant. He thought very highly of you."

Anthony dropped his fork and it clattered on the table on the way to the floor. "Half a million dollars! Oh my God! I don't know where to start! I... I... I..."

I said, "Tony, may I call you Tony? I hope you'll stay here and cook for us until you can make firm plans. I also hope that you'll ask Audrey's help in building your business plan. I'd appreciate it if it included getting us a new chef for when you leave."

Audrey smiled and said, "See just like Roger."

He nodded and we went back to eating.

As we were finishing Anthony started cleaning up. He said, "Ryan, you know Audrey is right. You are very like your uncle. Are you sure you can offer me her services to help me write a business plan?"

Audrey said, "Tony, I've already accepted Ryan as my master. I'll do anything he asks, just like for Roger. Why do you think I'm sitting here naked?"

He blushed, "Well, you being naked was pretty much a dead giveaway. Does Ryan know ... everything?"

She hugged my arm. "Oh yes. He gave me a safe-word. I'll never have to use it but it's there if I need it."

He grinned, "So that's the way the wind blows." He turned to me, "Well, you sure work fast." He carried off the dishes.

Audrey shouted after him. "As if you didn't know after the first hour Ryan was here."

I asked, "Audrey how could even you know that soon?"

"The first thing you did was send me to bed because I needed sleep. That wasn't a request, it was a command. It was a gentle command designed to protect me. I knew right then that it would be easy to serve you for the six months Roger requested. When you got me up and had a salad ready for me I was doubly sure. When you took me to bed and comforted me last night there was no more doubt. If I had any lingering doubts they vanished when you protected me this afternoon."

After dinner, I took her to the solarium where we could look out over the bay. She snuggled up close to me. I said, "I love this view. It's so peaceful watching night fall."

She gave me a funny look.

"What!" I asked.

"You're channeling Roger again," she said. "He loved to sit here and watch the night fall."

"And did he like to have you here with him while he watched? Because I do. I like having you near me all the time."

"Yes Ryan, he did like me to sit with him exactly like this. You even put me on the same side of you as he did."

I noticed that she had chill bumps because the house was cool. I pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and covered her.

"Just like Roger," she murmured.

We sat out there for three hours talking about Roger and Aunt Abigail. Audrey broke down and sobbed several times. She apologized each time. I didn't care, I think it was very necessary for her. She had been so busy she buried her grief in order to do what needed to be done. I was pretty sure she would have more times when grief overtook her but I was certain she needed this now.

"You must think I'm a ninny for acting like this."

"No. I think you must have loved Uncle Roger a lot. I think you needed to talk about him. I'm just glad you could talk to me."

She sighed and snuggled closer. "So am I. I'm so glad to have you here Ryan."

We went to bed and I spooned with her again. This time I put my hand possively on her breast. I think I beat her to sleep.

Audrey lay curled in my arms, thinking. "God we haven't had sex yet but if he wants to take me doggie style I'll be sure Roger is guiding him. This feels just like sleeping with Roger. I didn't tell Ryan but it was a rare night when I had to sleep at the foot of the bed until Roger got so sick. This feels so right to me. I hope I can be of help to Ryan. I wonder how we'll work things out with Sherwin and the rest of the board. I wish I had some ideas to help him with it ..." Sleep came to her fairly quickly.

We woke together at about nine-thirty. She showered me and dressed me in a suit that came out of Uncle Roger's closet. When I ask her about it she explained that she had half a dozen of his suits tailored to fit me, day before yesterday.

"They are such fine suits it would be a shame to throw them away. Besides you look fabulous in this one." She said as she dressed me in a suit that must have cost several thousand dollars.

"Well it feels marvelous. How did you know my measurements?"

"I gave the tailor your old suit, some pictures of you in it and told her where I thought it didn't quite fit. I just hoped it would come out right. It looks like it did. She's a marvel."

"It feels great and you look wonderful." She was wearing a black suit with black stockings and black three inch heels. On her head she had a black pill box hat. Her earrings were black onyx with a matching necklace.

She smiled and thanked me then we left for the funeral service.

In the service we were seated in the front row along with my cousins. It was fairly tense.

Janie whispered to Jerry, "Look at that slut trying to act like a grieving widow."

I felt Audrey stiffen. I took her hand and just held it.

I was really pissed off when Jerry whispered loudly back. "It looks like the whore is working on her next meal ticket already. Roger isn't even buried yet."

Audrey squeezed my hand really hard. I saw a tear leak out of her eye and gave her my handkerchief. I was struggling to control my temper. I succeeded only by concentrating on the minister and Roger's casket. The snide remarks continued throughout the service.

Finally, it came time for the eulogies. Each of my cousins gave long rambling talks about how much Roger meant to them. I knew from Audrey's research that none of them had seen him since they turned eighteen and graduated from high school. Eight to ten years ago, minimum.

When it was my turn I talked briefly about our camping trips and about how much Roger was worried about what humans were doing to the environment. I only took five minutes.

When I got back to my seat Jerry leaned over and whispered. "At least this skank whore didn't get up and blubber over how much money she's losing."

I whispered back, "Jerry you're an idiot! She owns five percent of the corporation shares. She never needs to work another day in her life."

Luckily the minister finished and the service was over before the rancor could escalate much further.

As we were walking out Jerry growled, "I'm going to enjoy watching you lose everything and end up back in your dead end job."

I said over my shoulder. "You may just be right but don't bet the farm on it. I have expert help now." I helped Audrey into our limo and we drove off. As soon as we pulled away Audrey broke down and sobbed. I comforted her as best as I could all the way home. When we got home she stripped off all of her clothing on the way to her room, leaving bits and pieces where they fell. I tried her door but it was locked. I heard her sobbing and knocked but she wouldn't answer me.

I was quickly working myself up to going to the hotel and beating the crap out of Jerry. I was on my way to call the limo when Tony intercepted me. "Ryan, she needs you! Please come with me." He led me to the gym. He hung the boxing heavy bag and stood bracing it. "Take it out on this," he said.

I hit the bag as hard as I could, all the while thinking of Jerry. After about five minutes I was sweating heavily and I realized that Audrey was still alone. I dropped my hands. I threw, "thanks Tony" over my shoulder as I took the stairs two at a time.

When I got to her door I could hear her still sobbing. I knocked but she wouldn't answer. I tried the door but it was locked. Finally, I entered my new room and opened the door to her room. She was curled on the bed crying.

I barked out, "What are you doing! You're not waiting for me properly!"

She flew out of bed and skidded to a stop on her knees. "I'm sorry Master." She looked up at me hopefully.

I was at a loss for what to do next but I bulled ahead. " Crawl to my bed and prepare for punishment!"

She positioned herself kneeling with her face on the bed with her ass in the air and her head flat on the bedspread. Her fingers were interlock and stretched flat on the bed over her head.

"Do you know why you're being punished?"

"Because I wasn't waiting for you properly, Master."

I sat beside her and gathered her hair in one hand. "No, it's because you wouldn't let me comfort you after what those assholes said about you. You know I don't believe any of that about you. You're my submissive why should what anyone else thinks matter?"

She thought about it and quit sobbing. "It shouldn't Master," she replied. "I'm ready for my punishment."

I gave her ten hard strokes with my belt and made her bathe me. Once we were clean I took her to bed and told her she was forgiven. I stroked her auburn hair until she fell asleep. We took a short nap before getting ready for the wake.

When Anthony called us Audrey rolled me on my back and smothered me with a passionate kiss. "Oh thank you Ryan for correcting me. You are so right. Nothing anyone else says should make a difference. Thank you for taking charge. I think I've already fallen in love with you."

I rolled her off me and stroked her side like she was a thoroughbred horse. "I'm going to take you tonight and make you mine after all of the guests leave. I'm falling in love with you too. Now let's get dressed."

I walked into her room ahead of her, saying, "Unlock your door." I went to her closet and got out the lilac blouse and a tan skirt. I handed them to her. "You're to wear these and sandals tonight. I'd like to see your hair tied back with a matching scarf if you have one."

She had a broad smile. "Yes Master."

Curious I asked, "You didn't ask for underwear, why?"

She pulled on the blouse. "Master if you wanted me to wear panties or thongs or a bra, you would have given them to me. That's just perfect as far as I'm concerned."

I went into the master suite, I was having trouble thinking of it as mine. Audrey was right behind me. "Sir, If I may," she said.

I nodded as she pulled a pair of silk boxer shorts from my drawer and helped me step into them. Next she got a very soft cotton shirt that almost matched the color of her top. She followed that with a soft pair of lounging pants, completing my outfit with a pair of slippers. "If you wish something else please tell me Ryan."

I stood and pulled her close to me and looked in the mirror. We both looked great and we definitely looked like a couple. I took her hand and led her to the kitchen where Anthony had plate with a few canapes waiting for us.

We had only eaten half of them when the doorbell rang. I started for the door and Audrey caught up with me and took my hand. She looked very happy, I didn't understand why exactly but she made me happy. We opened the door together.

My cousins led the way with faces that could curdle milk. There followed a procession of people that Roger must have known. Shopkeepers, landscapers, the tailor, the boatmen who maintained Roger's boat. The heads of the local divisions of Pacific Explorations and many of the workers. The local divisions worked mostly on research, ecological studies and climate modeling. The directors had the good grace to not discuss business. All of them seemed to like Roger and respect him. They stood around in informal groups and swapped stories about him. They all were nice to Audrey too. We moved from group to group. I complimented the tailor, Eliese, on the excellent job she had done altering my suits. She blushed bright red but seemed to be pleased with the recognition.

Audrey pulled me aside, "That was a very nice thing to do for Eliese. She stayed up most of the night altering those suits. You just made it worth it."

I shook my head, "How? All I did was tell her I appreciated her work."

Audrey hugged my arm, "Exactly! And you did it in front of a roomful of potential customers. She's just getting started and Roger was trying to encourage her. You just gave her a huge lift. Even if only one or two of the people here go to her it will help tremendously."

My cousins didn't mix, they drew together in their own clique and stood around drinking and eating. Mostly drinking. They gradually got louder and louder.

Jerry finally addressed Audrey directly, "You fucking slut! What did you do to earn five percent of the business! You're cunt must be amazing! How about giving me a taste!"

Janie jumped in. "Yeah whore! Why don't you strip and service him right here! You can eat me while he pumps your ass! Surely you take it up the ass!"

Samuel started to say something but then he looked at my face and turned away.

I started to brace Jerry when Audrey squeezed my hand. "It's alright Ryan." She raised her voice, "I think I should clear the air." She faced the two of them. "I'm not a whore and I'm not a slut. I don't service just anyone. What I am is a submissive. Your Uncle was my Master and yes Jane I took it up the ass from him. I enjoyed it immensely and so did Roger."

Jerry said, "Hah! I knew you fucked him for the money."

She stood her ground. "I didn't have sex with Roger for money, I loved him. I didn't know about his bequest until the will was read. I made love to your Uncle because of the man he was..." She looked Jerry directly in the eye. "Because he was a man. I gave him control of my life because he cared for me he took care of me. In return I was his loyal and faithful servant."

Jerry leered at her. "Who's going to protect you now slut?"

"My Master, Ryan Frederick."

Janie sneered, "Are you his sex slave too. You're such a whore."

Audrey stared at her with cold hard eyes. "I was Roger's sex slave. His willing sex slave. I'm no more a whore than any wife. I didn't have sex with him for money. Master Ryan has taken me to be his submissive and I'm most grateful. I'll give him anything he wants, anything."

Janie practically shouted, "Lying bitch! You've already switched allegiance to another sugar daddy! You're a gold digging whore!"

I stepped in and said, "You should know Janie. How many divorces is it now?" From the expression on her face I thought her head was going to explode.

Audrey was very calm. "I bonded with Ryan because he treats me like your Uncle treated me, with respect and dignity. He cares for me and takes care of me."

Samuel huffed, "Bullshit! He just wants to get into your pants!"

Audrey smiled, "Well he sure did a good job of it because I'll have sex with him anytime, anywhere he wants."

Alicia said, "Name one time he's thought of you in the last two days." She seemed more curious than accusatory.

Audrey smiled up at me. "Wednesday when I brought him home from the airport, I'd been going for thirty-six hours straight. I was going to go over some documents with him. Instead he ordered me to take a shower and go to bed. When he got me up he had the chef make me a salad for a late lunch." She stared at each one of my cousins in the eye. "He's the only reason you spoiled brats don't have scars on your precious asses! He did that before he knew that I was a submissive. Before he had any inkling he had any chance of getting into my pants as you so crudely put it."

"Name another," Janie challenged.

"When I returned home from settling you into the hotel he sat me down and took off those horrible five inch heels and rubbed my feet and calves until dinner was ready. The dinner he arranged. Again nothing sexual, just a Master taking care of his slave even tho he didn't know it at the time."

Jerry asked, "So when was the first time he fucked you?"

She smiled a nasty smile at him. "I imagine it will be about a half hour after you all leave tonight."

Jerry growled, "You fucking little whore... "

He grabbed Audrey's arm.

I hit him in the chin with the palm of my hand. Whatever else he was going to say was lost as he flew backward and hit the floor. I don't even remember moving.

He was groggy as I knelt with one knee pressing hard into his chest and said. "Keep your hands off her." I pushed myself off him and wrapped an arm around Audrey.

Audrey said, "See my Master protects me."

Alicia asked, "Has he done that other times?"

"Yes. When we came home from the funeral I was distraught because of all the nasty things you all said. I went into my room and locked the door and just sobbed. Ryan came for me. I wouldn't open the door for him. He punished me for not obeying him and then he made me shower him. After the shower he held me and explained that I shouldn't care what others think. He got me back to center."

By this time we were the central attraction at the wake.

Alicia asked, "What else?"

"He made me wear three inch heels to the reading of the will. He protected me from Sherwin Wilson who was mad because I wasn't wearing five inch heels as he directed. He also voted my shares by proxy and kept the board from making a terrible mistake."

Sam said, "I was thinking of investing my inheritance in Pacific Explorations."

Audrey sobered, "I'd advise against it. I have a bad feeling about what's going to happen to the corporation."

Jerry sneered, "Well now I know what to do. Just the opposite of what you say slut."

Janie sobered slightly and said, "You don't seem to be insulted at all. We've called you every name in the book. Why not?"

Audrey looked at me. "Because Ryan was right. It's not true and it doesn't matter what you or others think, it only matters what he thinks." She rubbed herself against me almost like a cat.

I stroked her hair, "And he thinks she's very special. Roger did and so do I." I looked down at her and she was beaming as she looked back at me.

Jerry broke into the conversation. "If she's your slave make her strip! I want to see what's under those dowdy clothes!"

I calmly said, "No. Audrey is mine and I won't share her with anyone. Besides I'm doing you a favor. Such radiant beauty would blind you. At least this way you'll still be able to see your dark, dim, ugly world." I felt her hug me closer.

Alicia let out a small gasp. "Jerry you're so wrong. She looks fantastic. That blouse is so perfect. May I ask where you got it?"

Audrey said, "I don't know where it came from. Roger gave it to me as a present. Ryan picked it out for me to wear this evening."

Janie sneered, "What about your underwear? Did Ryan pick that too?"

Audrey broke into a big grin, "Yes he did. I'm not wearing any."

I almost laughed out loud at Janie's expression. The confrontation, at least partially de-fused, Audrey and I mingled with the other guests while Jerry, Sam and Janie proceeded to get three-sheets-to-the-wind drunk.

A little while later Rory, Alicia and Megan joined us as we were talking with the boat crew.

Rory said, "I'd apologize for Jerry but I quit trying to cover up his shit a year ago." He turned to Audrey. "You are a truly lovely lady. I'm glad you and Ryan are hitting it off so well. I can tell you cared a lot for Uncle Roger. Thank you for what you did for him. I haven't always been nice, actually I've mostly been pretty ugly, but I finally decided that Jerry was a stupid bastard and quit emulating him."

Audrey gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you. I loved Roger he gave me exactly what I needed. I'm blessed that Ryan stepped in and is giving me the same support. He is very much like your Uncle."

Megan said, "So you don't think we should buy into Pacific Explorations?"

Audrey shook her head. "No. I think the company is in for some very rough times ahead. A proxy fight on the board is never a good thing. Find a good sensible broker like Fidelity Investments or Schwabe or Edward Jones and put your money in a mutual fund. If you can, put part of it to put into an IRA or a 401k, or a 403b for Alicia since she's working for a school. It'll be safer, especially if the mutual fund or funds have some bonds to balance the risk."

Alicia said, "You really know about this stuff! You're not just a decoration. I'm impressed!"

The boat crew left first since we were taking us out tomorrow for Roger's burial at sea.

When my cousins left I gave the limo driver five hundred dollars. "Just in case you have to clean up puke in the back."

He said, "Righty'O and thanks!"

As we closed the door on the last of the guests Audrey said, "That was a really nice thing to do for the driver."

"Well I think he should get something extra for taking care of those three drunks. Alicia, Rory and Megan seem to be alright. The other three are real stinkers."

She said, "That's my impression too." She took me by the hand and gently led me toward the master bedroom.

I stopped her when I saw Anthony picking things up. "Anthony can we do anything to help?"

He looked startled but said, "No thanks. I'm just going to put the perishables away tonight and will do the rest tomorrow."

"You're coming with us on the boat, right?" I asked.

"I wasn't invited."

"Well you are now. We can hire someone in to help you clean tomorrow or Monday. Maybe you can pack us all a lunch for the boat tomorrow from these leftovers."

"Thanks, I will. I'd like to be able to go and say goodbye."

I let Audrey pull me into the bedroom. She said in a quiet voice, "Anthony loved him too and has been left out of the arrangements. That was a good thing you just did. One of many this evening." She sat me in a chair and slowly stripped for me. She dropped her skirt first and then button by button undid her top. The tails of her top hung down just covering the tops of her thighs and barely covered her pussy. A pussy that was shaved bare except for a small landing strip. The last thing she did was slide out of her sandals. She stood with her hands at her side and asked, "Master Ryan are you ready for me to bathe you?"

I nodded and she gently but efficiently stripped me. This time there was a lot more touching than the previous times. When she finished and all my clothing was put in the wash she led me into the bathroom.

She sat me on the toilet and opened a drawer. "Master would you please give me enemas to clean me out? I would like you to take me anally tonight."

"I've never done anal before. I don't know what to do."

"If you just take it slow everything will be wonderful. I'll talk you thru it... but only if you want to. You are my master and I'll do anything you want."

I joked, "Even kill one of my braindead cousins?"

She scared me. She was dead serious when she said, "Which one would you like killed first?"

I hugged her and said, "I was just making a joke. I never want you to kill anyone for me."

She smiled up at me. "I know but I'd try if you wanted it done." She shook herself and there was a panicked look on her face as she rushed out of the room.

She returned in a minute with an electronic gadget and slowly waved it around the room. She centered in on the spare roll of toilet paper and pulled something out of it. "Damn" she said "a bug." She removed the battery and wrote down the numbers on it. She ran the detector all around the bathroom again and then proceeded to show me how to give her enemas to clean her out. One with soap and two rinses. Between enemas she washed me and let me wash her. There was more than a little fooling around.

When I finished washing her she scurried out and flushed the last rinse down the toilet and then came back into the shower with a tube of flavored lubricant. She spread a generous amount on my fingers and turned around. She spread her legs and bent over leaving little doubt as to where she wanted me to put the lube.

I started slowly sliding one finger inside her ass. She relaxed and there was no resistance. I quickly put two fingers in and spread them. I used my other hand to add lubricant to the fingers inside her and started twisting my fingers to spread it on her anal walls.

She moaned, "You must have done anal before! This is so good. Get me good and slick and then fuck me hard!"

When I pulled my fingers out she whipped around and started slathering lube on my rock hard cock. When she had me slick she turned back around, bent over and braced herself against the shower wall.

I got the idea and stepped up behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass.

She moaned, "Just go slow and give me time to adjust Master."

I pushed forward with my cock head. Gradually her ass began to open for me. I was going very slow, I didn't want to hurt her. Then I reached forward and gathered her hair in one fist.

She gasp "Yessss!" and slammed herself back onto my cock.

Suddenly I was buried to my balls in her ass. "Oh god Audrey! I'm sorry! Are you hurt?"

She panted, "I'm not hurt Master. Please, please fuck me hard. Tear your ass up."

I started pumping in and out. "Audrey I'm in your ass. Why would this tear my ass up?"

"Master! My ass is your ass! My cunt is your cunt! My mouth is yours to use any way you want! I belong to you!"

I started really pounding her ass and knew I wouldn't last long so I reached around and started playing with her tits. Then I slid down and slipped two fingers in her pussy and ground the palm of my hand against her mons and clit. She screamed and came when I started pumping semen into her ass.

When I slipped out of her ass she whipped around and sucked my cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked until there was nothing but her saliva on my cock and balls.

She sighed when she finished. She restarted the shower and started washing me. She said, "You're a lot better than I thought you'd be. Want to do me again? God it was so great when you grabbed my hair!"

"I'm surprised I didn't hurt you."

She stopped and smiled at me. "When you grabbed me by my hair like that my ass just seemed to open up and beg to be slammed. It really felt good!"

After we were dry she took the bug sweeping box and did every inch of the bedroom. She found two more bugs. I made her do her bedroom where she found one in the bathroom and one in her nightstand and disabled all of them. She put them in a baggie. "We'll see about these on Monday." She then put me in bed and swiftly left the room.

I wondered what she was doing. She returned in a couple of minutes with two large glasses of water and a glass of what looked like whiskey. She served me and asked, "Where do you want me to sleep, Master?"

I threw back the covers. "Here in bed with me. Always in bed with me unless I tell you otherwise." She smiled and slid in beside me.

I took her hair in one hand and rolled her onto her back then I kissed her. I kissed her and kissed her. She was so sweet. She ran her hand down and gently grasp my cock. That brought it back to life. When I moved over her body she spread her legs and pulled them up high on my back to give me free access to her pussy. Her knees were almost in my armpits.

I slipped gently into her, she was very wet, and started fucking her slowly with long strokes that pulled almost all the way out and then all the way back in. It felt really good. I hadn't realized how much of a dry spell I'd had.

Audrey started whining, "Faster please Master. ... Harder please! Please pound me!"

I whispered in her ear. "Audrey, I'm enjoying fucking your pussy immensely. I don't want to go faster. I want you to use your cunt muscles to massage my cock. When I get closer I'll try to drive your ass into the floor."

She gasp, "Yes Master." Her cunt started pulsing on my cock.

I didn't seem to be getting anywhere. It felt very good but even when I pounded her hard I still wasn't getting close to an orgasm. Then it hit me, I wasn't taking her the way I wanted to. I lifted off her. "Roll over I want to do you doggie!"

She scrambled into position and moved back against me. She mumbled something I didn't quite catch, what I thought she said was, "Thank you Roger."

I gathered her hair in one hand and pulled back. Her pussy went wild. Her muscles were rippling trying to pull me in and she would pull off my cock and slam back into me. She was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me Master! Fuck your cunt hard! Pound it! Make it scream!"

She was rapidly bringing me off for the second time in less than an hour. I started slamming into her as hard as she was slamming into me and I started spanking her ass about every fifth stroke.

She screamed, "God yes! Fuck me and spank me Master! Fuck and spank! Fuck and spank your whore!"

I yanked back on her hair. "You're not my whore! I don't fuck whores! You're my bitch! My bitch in heat and I'm going to breed you like the bitch you are!"

I didn't think she could move any faster but I was wrong. She seemed to be energized by my calling her my bitch. She rapidly brought me off. She screamed when I orgasmed and started pumping sperm into her. I reached under her and pinched her clit. "Come for me bitch! Come for your Master, now!"

She screamed again and slammed back against me one last time. Her pussy milking the sperm from my cock.

I let go of her hair and she pulled off, whipped around and sucked my wilting cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked on it and my balls until they were totally clean. Once they were clean she started scooping my cum off her legs and out of her pussy and eating it. She was just about finished when she looked into my eyes and said, "Thank you Master Ryan. That was perfect. I like the taste of your cum, it's yummy."

She bounced out of bed and went into the bathroom. I lay face down on the bed to recuperate. I realized she was back when I felt a warm wet washrag run down my neck and over my back. I whispered, "Mmmm. That's very nice."

"Roger always liked this too. It's such a pleasure to do this for you."

I turned my head and her face was alight with tenderness and love. She had me turn over and she washed and dried my front. When she finished I sat and held out my hand.

She only hesitated a moment before placing the washrag in my hand. As she lay down she said, "Master, I beg you to forgive me if I sometimes call you Roger in the heat of passion. He liked to wash me after a session just like this." Tears started gathering in her eyes.

I started washing her. I finished her back and had her turn over before I asked, "You really loved him didn't you?

She whispered, "Yes, I did."

"Then he was a lucky man."

"Master Ryan, you're so like him. I think I'm in love with you too."

I finished washing her and leaned over and kissed her softly. "If you are then I'm a lucky man too."

She took the washrags and towels to the bathroom and snuggled into bed with me. She lay facing me and softly said, "I should tell you that I spent very few nights sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed. Roger always seemed to want me here with him. Even at the end when he was so sick."

"I sort of guessed that. Uncle Roger was no fool and only a fool would forgo having you sleep with them."


At the hotel the driver helped my three drunk cousins to the reception area and turned them over to the hotel staff. He reflected that at least he had a nice tip for the work he was going to have to do cleaning the puke out of the limo.

Rory, Alicia and Megan helped get Jerry, Samuel and Jane to their rooms. After they finished they stood in the hall looking at each other.

Finally, Megan said, "Shall we have one last drink in the bar before we go to bed?"

They all agreed. In the bar they got a booth in a secluded corner.

After the drinks arrived Alicia broke the ice. "You know, Ryan seems like a decent sort and that Audrey is pretty sharp. They both seem nice, not like Jerry."

Megan said, "Yeah. Rory how did you turn out so well? Your brothers and sister were really awful tonight."

Rory said, "It's not just tonight, they are this way all the time. I finally got smart last year and distanced myself from the lot of them. They always picked on me when I was young."

Megan asked, "Why do you think the old man left everything to Ryan?"

Rory answered, "Probably because he saw Uncle Roger frequently. I haven't made the effort in eight years. I feel lucky that he left me anything."

"I haven't accepted any of his invitations in at least that long." Alicia agreed.

Megan said, "That goes for me too. I could never seem to make time to see him. I'm sorry now and not for the money. He was quite a bit of fun to be with if I remember."

"Yeah, he always took us to the aquarium and then would take us out on the boat and show us the difference in the real world." Rory mused.

Rory asked, "What do you think about that Audrey's advice on investing in his corporation?"

Megan said, "I believe her. I'm going to do exactly as she advised. After all she has nothing to gain by steering us wrong."

They talked for another half hour and went up to bed.

After Rory closed his door Megan motioned to Alicia. They both went into her room. Megan sat Alicia on the bed. "Ali, you've always been very quiet. What was with your reaction when Audrey told us she was a submissive?"

"What do you mean. I didn't have a reaction."

"Sister dear, you were practically drooling. You wanted to be her and have someone control you."

"It... it's not true. I... I didn't want that!"

"Oh yes you did! You wanted this." Megan took a handful of Alicia's hair and pulled her to her feet.

For her part, Alicia felt strange. She felt calm and at peace. Normally she would have been terrified but somehow her sister controlling her didn't scare her. Instead it excited her.

Megan said, "You want this don't you Alicia?"

Looking into her sister's eyes, finally she said, "Yes Megan. I do want someone to control me. You're right, I was envious of Audrey. She was so calm and so focused. I think she would have stripped if Ryan had told her to."

"Why do you think that," Megan asked.

"Because... because I would have."

Megan smiled, "I wanted to be Ryan. I wanted to have someone as enthralled with me as Audrey is with him. Alicia will you play with me tonight. Will you be my servant?"

Alicia drew in a deep breath and said, "Yes Mistress. I'll be your slave for tonight."

Megan pulled Alicia into a kiss. She used her free hand to run up and down Alicia's body. She cradled Alicia's breast until she broke the kiss. She said, "Your safe word is 'Red Light.' Now strip for me slave."

Alicia was vibrating like a plucked guitar string. She felt light headed from the kiss. It had been a great kiss. She slowly unbuttoned the top button on her dress. "Yes Mistress. Would you like a slow striptease or would you like it fast?"

Megan stroked Alicia's hair like she was petting a dog. "Slow and sensual. I want to enjoy seeing your body revealed."

"Yes Mistress," Alicia gulped. She undid another button and slowly moved one hand lightly down her throat and then both hands cupped her breasts before undoing the next button.

When Alicia removed her blouse Megan said, "Fold your clothing neatly. You'll need them tomorrow morning."

Alicia replied, "Yes Mistress" and ran her tongue over her lips. She was feeling strangely calm for being exposed to her sister this way. In another way she had jitters like she'd had too much caffeine. She sat the folded blouse on the dresser. She stepped back in front of her sister and leaned forward, exposing the tops of her breasts. She reached behind her and unfastened the clasp on her bra. She stood and let the bra slide down her shoulders. She caught it and placed it on top of the blouse then ran her hands over her firm B-cup breasts, pulling her nipples out between her thumbs and forefingers.

This time it was Megan who licked her lips. She motioned Alicia closer. She gently ran her hands up Alicia's torso until she was cupping Alicia's breasts. She leaned forward and licked one of Alicia's nipples and looked up.

Alicia's eyes were closed and her mouth half open. A quiet moan issued from her lips.

Megan said, "I liked that. Did you like that slave?"

Alicia whispered, "Yes Mistress, very much!"

Megan pushed her gently away and Alicia resumed her striptease. She unbuttoned her skirt and unzipped it. She slowly lowered it over her hips letting it slowly slide down to the floor revealing deep purple panties. Stepping out of her skirt she turned around and bent at the waist revealing the panties were a thong. She picked up her skirt and folded it leaving it on the pile with her other clothes.

Without turning around Alicia slowly slid her thong down to her feet, bending at the waist and presenting her pussy and ass to her sister. She used her hands to spread the lips of her pussy before she stepped out of the thong placing it on top of her skirt.

Turning to face her sister she started to roll down one of her thigh-high stockings.

Megan said, "Stop. Leave them on. Remove your shoes and kneel here in front of me."

When Alicia complied Megan leaned forward and gathered all of her hair and held it in one hand. "Alicia, we need to talk before this goes any further. First, how are you feeling?"

"I... I'm jittery. Excited but also afraid. I don't know what's going to happen but at the same time I need to find out." She looked up into Megan's eyes.

"I want you to trust me. I'm not going to hurt you. Alicia, I'm new to this too. I've read a lot about it on the internet. I want you to feel safe with me in control. Now what do you want to do? What do you need to do?" She leaned over and gave Alicia a long soft kiss before letting go of her hair.

Alicia paused and thought for a minute, "Mistress, I'm not sure exactly what I want. I know I enjoyed you ordering me to strip. No not that exactly. I liked you taking charge of me. I want to serve you. I... I really like it when you kiss me. What can I do for you now?"

"Have you ever had sex with a girl?"

"No... no Mistress. I've never had sex with anyone, man or woman." She blushed bright red. "I do masturbate often."

Megan laughed, "Well I want you to push my skirt up, pull my panties down and lick me to an orgasm, maybe two."

Alicia gasp and smiled, "I'll do my best Meg... I mean Mistress." She leaned forward and hesitantly pushed her sister's skirt up her legs and slid her fingers into the waistband of her panties slowly pulling them down her legs. She enjoyed the feeling of Megan's legs under her palms. She leaned forward and shoved her face gently between Megan's thighs.

Megan whispered, "That's a good slave. Now lick me gently."

Alicia gently started licking and found she liked the taste. She was really at a loss as to if she was doing it right.

Megan was surprised when Alicia did as she asked. When she found that Alicia really didn't know what she was doing Megan took a handful of her hair and started giving her detailed instructions. She found that the sense of power was as exciting as what Alicia was doing between her legs.

For her part Alicia loved it when her hair was used to control her. She tried very hard to follow Megan's instructions.

Megan collapsed back on the bed, pulling Alicia's head harder against her pussy. She started issuing a stream of commands. "Lick higher, lick my clit." After a few moments. "Lower! Lick my cunt! Tongue fuck me." Then she degenerated into moans.

Alicia, now without guidance, was at a loss as to what to do next. Then it came to her, she wanted to bring Megan to a screaming climax. She knew she had to have something in her cunt to do that so she slipped one finger in Megan's pussy and started sawing it in and out. She moved her head up and started sucking and licking on Megan's clit. When that seemed to ramp up Megan's excitement she slipped a second and then a third finger into Megan's cunt and started really pounding her.

Megan screamed and clamped her thighs around Alicia's head and humped her pussy against Alicia's mouth and hand. When her orgasm subsided Megan let her thighs flop to the sides and her hands released Alicia's hair and she flopped back onto the bed.

Alicia didn't know what to do. She gently pulled her fingers out of Megan and gently licked pussy juice from around her clit being careful not to hit that most sensitive bud. That done she sat back on her heels and watched her sister recover.

Megan gasp, "Jesus Alicia, for someone who's never done that before you sure did a good job. God that was good." Megan struggled to sit up. "How are you doing?"

Alicia helped her sister sit up. "I'm really good Meg. God that was awesome watching you."

"You take entirely too little credit Ali. You made it awesome. How many fingers did you get into me?"

Alicia blushed and smiled, "Three. I got three in you. I was afraid I'd hurt you."

"Well you didn't it was great!" Megan used Alicia's hair to pull her into another kiss. When the kiss was finished Megan said, "Undress me. I want to do you next."

Alicia undressed her sister and carefully folded her clothes, sitting them beside hers on the dresser.

Megan pulled her onto the bed and climbed over her in a sixty-nine position. "Do to me what I'm doing to you." She lowered her cunt to Alicia's mouth and started licking.

Alicia was so excited from licking Megan to an orgasm that she got hot very quickly. When Megan inserted a finger in her she started babbling as she tried to mirror her sister's actions. She screamed and stuffed three fingers in Megan's pussy. She wanted three in hers.

Megan was surprised at the change in Alicia. She was almost like an animal. She was moaning and babbling and licking. Megan put one finger inside her and was rewarded by three being shoved into her cunt. Then it struck her that Alicia hadn't come yet so Megan thrust three fingers in Alicia's cunt and started pumping them vigorously as she sucked and licked Alicia's clit. Alicia started whining and grunting and throwing her hips up at Megan's fingers. After a minute Megan ran a finger up Alicia's ass and Alicia exploded humping her cunt into Megan's face. She almost bucked Megan off.

Even thru her orgasm Alicia kept working on Megan. When she came down she shoved a finger up Megan's ass and it was time for Megan's second orgasm. She would have fallen off Alicia but she had three fingers in her cunt and one finger in her ass.

When they both came back to reality Megan asked, "Did I hurt you"

Alicia sighed, "Only in the best way. I've never come like that before. Did I please you Mistress?"

Megan giggled, "Oh yes. You pleased me a lot. Now I want you to wash me. The two of them showered together and fell into the clean queen sized bed in the room. Megan pulled Alicia to her and gave her a soft kiss before both of them slept.


Sunday morning dawned gray and foggy with a sharp Northwest wind. We had breakfast in the dining nook off the kitchen.

Audrey asked, "Master how would you like me dressed today?"

I thought back to Uncle Roger explaining the cold currents that swept down the coast and I considered the fog. Then I went into her closet and dressed her in thermal underwear, wool socks, warm woolen pants and shirt. I handed her a warm woolen jacket and cap to wear.

She laughed as she dressed.

I asked, "What's so funny?"

She gave me a warm smile. "You'll see Master." She picked up her jacket and cap and led me into the master bedroom. There on the dressing stand was an almost identical outfit in my size. "I picked this out for you last night. I don't want you to be cold out on the boat. How did you know it would be cold and to dress me like this?"

"It's late October and we have fog and a cold wind blowing. Uncle Roger talked at length about the cold currents on the West coast. I knew it would be very unpleasant if we had to be outside for any length of time... Did you warn my cousins?"

"Yes Ryan, I had to give them a chance. I'm guessing that at least three of them will ignore my warning. Now sir, please take this pill." She handed me a small yellow pill.

"What's this," I asked?

"It's a dramamine pill sir. It's going to be rough out there today. I've already taken mine and yes I warned your cousins to take some too." She looked very content.

"Audrey, why are you so happy this morning?"

"Because you're taking such good care of me. You dressed me for the weather. You wanted to keep me warm and safe. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. How safe I feel when you're in charge." She sidled up and gave me a long sweet kiss. "We need to go and pick up Roger's ashes."

When we arrived at the boat it was just as Audrey had predicted. Megan, Alicia and Rory were dressed warmly. Jerry, Sam and Janie were dressed for church. Janie even had on four inch heels.

I greeted them and said, "It's going to be quite cold out on the boat. You really need to change into some warmer clothes."

Janie sneered, "Uncultured slob. That's no way to dress for a burial! You and that slut look like twin hillbillies!" She turned on Rory and the two sisters. You're no better. Looks like you're going snow stomping in the mountains!"

I asked, "Please tell me you at least took the dramamine. It's quite rough out there today."

Jerry snarled, "We can take care of ourselves! We don't need any help from a jackass like you!"

I shrugged and helped Audrey, Alicia and Megan aboard. Rory followed us into the lounge. Anthony was already aboard and making coffee and had warm cinnamon rolls ready.

I over heard the captain as the other three boarded. "You three are marvelous stupid. They advised you to wear something warm and you dress like this. They advise you to take dramamine and you refuse. Man you all take the cake. I'll tell you this right now, anyone puking in the cabin here is cleaning it up themselves. No exceptions."

The priest arrived and we cast off. We hadn't been out for twenty minutes and Jerry, Sam and Jane were looking very green around the gills. Suddenly, Jerry bolted for the door and rushed to the windward rail. I followed him out and urged, "Jerry if you're going to be sick go to the other rail, down wind."

He growled, "Shut up you scumbag." Then he bent over the rail.

I quickly stepped back and around the edge of the cabin. I could hear him retching and peeked around the corner just in time to see him get everything he threw up all over the front of him. I started to go back in but Sam and Jane came crashing out the door. At least they listened when I directed them to the leeward rail.

I stepped into the cabin and was met by the captain. He laughed, "Well now he knows. He's not coming in here with those clothes on." He laughed again. "I'll have two of the boys douse him with seawater and then we'll stuff him in some foul weather gear. Your Uncle would have laughed his ass off watching this show!"

I clapped him on the shoulder, "He probably is from heaven. We should try to keep hypothermia from setting in on the three of them."

He laughed again and went back to the bridge. Thru the windows we could see two deck hands holding Jerry while a third emptied buckets of water on him to wash off the worst of the mess. When they finished they stripped his suit off and stuffed him into a foul weather outfit and led him to the leeward rail.

Jerry hung over the rail like his sister and brother and puked downwind this time.

We watched for about twenty minutes and it seemed like they were all puked out so Audrey and I went out and brought Jane and Sam in out of the cold. I went back out and tried to get Jerry in but he fought me off and stumbled inside.

When I came in behind him he turned on me.

"You cowardly, sick, mother fucking son of a bitch! You did this to me! You coward!"

He started to advance on me. The Captain stepped between us. "You will sit down or I'll put you in cuffs in the brig."

"Look what he did to me!" Jerry screamed.

"He didn't do anything to you. He tried to keep you from going to the windward rail but you wouldn't listen. He tried to get you to take dramamine but you wouldn't listen. This is totally your fault," the Captain said.

Jerry yelled, "He did nothing to help us! We're cold and sick because of

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